What Problems Can A Failing Oxygen Sensor Cause?

what problems can a failing oxygen sensor cause?

Beck & Masten Buick GMC North can help you learn what problems a failing oxygen sensor can cause.

With all the unique sensors your vehicle uses daily, perhaps one of the most vital sensors is an oxygen sensor, which is required for a car to perform at its top-notch capability. With all of the exhaust gases a vehicle creates, your vehicle needs a piece of technology that recognizes the O2 levels in the exhaust gases. The O2 sensor has an important part to play in keeping track of a vehicle’s O2 amount to make sure the engine is efficiently using its gas. A functional O2 sensor will be an essential cog for a consistent running vehicle. Still, a bad oxygen sensor will most likely cause bad fuel economy, bad smells in your car, and tamper with your engine’s performance ability. Here you’ll learn about things to look out for when using your vehicle that could be telltale signs of a poorly-working O2 sensor.

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My Vehicle's Oxygen Sensor Is Failing, Why Did This Happen?

What Causes An O2 Sensor To Begin To Fail?

Similar to many different components of a vehicle, oxygen sensors could wear down over time and begin to go bad. But if you don’t pay close attention, a bad O2 sensor could lead to major issues throughout your vehicle. A build-up of contaminated oil ash or coolant can cause an O2 sensor to fail, so your selection of oil or fuel is superbly important. If you’re seeing some issues similar to those listed above, it’s best to come to our professional mechanics, who can get you an OEM O2 sensor replacement.

The Problems A Failing O2 Sensor Can Cause

The Problems A Bad O2 Sensor May Cause

Whenever you’re ever driving on the road and smell anything harsh out of your car, this can be a quick sign that your oxygen sensor is going bad. If you begin to pick up on some differences like poor powertrain performance, loud noises, or engine misfires, that could be a clear symptom of the O2 sensor probably having problems. One of the most devastating things that can be a result of a failed oxygen sensor is a catalytic converter failing suddenly, which might put a big dent in your pockets.

Can I Drive A Car With A Bad Oxygen Sensor?

If The Oxygen Sensor Goes Bad, Can I Still Drive My Vehicle?

We advise against driving with a failed O2 sensor as the engine isn’t running on the right fuel mixture. While it may seem okay in the beginning, if your engine is running rich and using too much fuel it might start to clog the catalytic converter. Considering the possible price of getting new O2 sensors is a lot less than buying a new catalytic converter, it’s worth making the decision earlier. Additionally, if your vehicle has over 60,000 miles on the dash or is more than 15 years old you should think about replacing your O2 sensors for better engine performance and lower pollution.

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