What Does It Mean When Your Buick GMC Battery Light Symbol Is On?

what does it mean when your buick gmc battery light symbol is on?

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If the car battery indicator comes on just when you start the vehicle, that’s a routine system test. If the car battery indicator stays on while you’re driving, then there’s likely an issue. If you’re having problems with your battery, you may see that the headlights aren’t as bright, the infotainment system might not turn on, and your windows are moving slower. If you see any of these things happening, you need to get to your destination or bring it here to us as soon as possible because your vehicle is likely in imminent risk of being inoperable. If neither is an option, find a safe spot to pull over and park.

The Car Battery Light Turns Off and On, Why Does It Do That?

The Car Battery Light Turns Off and On, Why?

There are a lot of reasons why the car battery light might come on, but generally, the reasons are:

  • A car battery that’s old
  • Car battery cables that are failing
  • Disconnected car battery cables
  • Dying alternator
  • Serpentine belts that are failing

How Long Before My Vehicle Shuts Down If The Car Battery Light Is On?

How Long Before My Car Stops Working If The Car Battery Light Is On?

Like nearly everything automotive-related, how much you can drive with the car battery light on really depends on a lot of factors. If the car battery light just came on, you can do things like switching off all accessories like the infotainment system or heater and disconnecting any cellphones that may be charging. Doing this will help prolong the leftover battery life, but you should get here or go back home. The most critical thing is to NOT shut off the engine because a dying battery will not have the power to start.

My Car Battery Light Is On, How Do I Fix It?

What Can I Do To Fix My Car Battery Warning Light?

If there is a safe place to park, at the very least, you can pop the hood and examine your battery for oxidation on the battery terminals or a loose connection. Besides those quick checks, the best way to fix the car battery light is to bring it to our service center. Our knowledgeable techs have the specialized tools and skills to diagnose the issue. They’ll test everything from looking at your alternator to the health of your battery and recommend the right plan to get your car repaired.

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