How Often Should You Change Your Car’s Engine Air Filter?

February 17th, 2023 by
how often should you change your car's engine air filter?

Know how often you should change your car’s engine air filter at Beck & Masten Buick GMC.

A bad air filter may cause several problems with your vehicle. The most obvious issue you might notice might be decreased fuel efficiency. A failing air filter can end up making the engine work harder, and in turn, that means more fuel is being consumed. Along with worse fuel efficiency, you might also see worse performance, engine misfires, and even a Check Engine Light. If you let it go too long, you may even have black smoke spewing from the tailpipes, and in severe cases, the engine may stall. To make sure that your engine is functioning properly, you should periodically inspect and replace the engine air filter when necessary. In most situations, replacing an air filter can be completed as part of your routine maintenance schedule, which generally includes oil changes, timing belts (or timing chains), and transmission flushes. Making sure your car is in prime condition should result in extra years of reliable service.

How Much Does An Air Filter Cost?

How Much Does An Engine Air Filter Cost?

Like the replacement interval, the cost of replacing an air filter can vary greatly depending on the size of the engine, vehicle manufacturer, and age of the vehicle. As consumers, there are several options available to purchase air filters online and in parts stores, we suggest buying and installing the air filter made by the manufacturer for your vehicle. Overall, the cost of the air filter is rather small, but regularly replacing it can add to the longevity of your engine.

What is The Job of An Engine Air Filter?

What Does An Air Filter Do In An Engine?

An air filter is an engine component that filters out contaminants like dirt or rocks before they enter the engine and cause problems. Even small bits of dust can diminish your engine performance and even cause damage. Engines are constructed with specific air-fuel ratios to give optimal performance. If an engine has a failing air filter, it could negatively affect those calculations. Replacing bad air filters can help ensure your engine runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

How Long Should An Engine Air Filter Last?

When Should You Change An Engine Air Filter?

Several factors determine the lifespan of your engine air filter. The engine size, your driving habits, and even the weather can play a significant role in the life of the engine air filter. If you live in a dusty location, then the engine air filter should be replaced more frequently than a vehicle that sits in a garage when not being driven. Ultimately, each car will have its own unique replacement suggestions.

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