How Often Should I Change My Cabin Air Filter?

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how often should i change my cabin air filter?

Know how often you should change your cabin air filter at Beck & Masten Buick GMC.

There are several items that determine how soon you should change your cabin air filter, the most obvious being the suggestions from the manufacturer. The manufacturer spent both money and time building the car, and so long as you have a normal commute and environment, then the suggestions in your owner’s manual are going to be the right answer. Still, if you work in a very hot or cold environment or drive a lot more miles than most drivers, you ought to consider changing the cabin air filter more often. However, if you work from home and don’t commute anymore, then you may be able to delay changing the cabin air filter. A good rule of thumb is to replace the cabin air filter yearly, but just remember that if you put excessive miles on your vehicle or live in a polluted area, you might want to consider changing it earlier.

Air Filter Different Than A Cabin Air Filter?

What’s the Difference Between Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter?

While both were made to filter the air, the cabin air filter and engine air filter perform very different tasks. The engine air filter was designed to protect the engine from dirt and other assorted debris. If not for an air filter, rocks and other debris could potentially enter the engine and cause wear and tear and, in rare cases, a total loss of the engine. Meanwhile, the cabin air filter was designed to filter allergens that might come into the car thanks to the air conditioning or heater.

Cabin Air Filter Price?

Cabin Air Filter Price?

The price to replace your cabin air filter will be determined by several factors, including the brand of air filter being used, vehicle age, the make and model of the vehicle, and so on. Some specialty models and imported vehicles may use premium air filters that cost a bit extra. Handy owners could consider replacing this filter at home, but we highly recommend just adding it to your next oil change or other preventative maintenance appointment. By bringing it to us, you can be positive that you are getting genuine manufacturer components installed by trained professionals.

What are Symptoms of Clogged Cabin Air Filter?

Top Signs The Cabin Air Filter Needs Replaced

The clearest sign of a clogged cabin air filter is most likely to be strange odors. A clogged or dirty cabin air filter is prone to holding onto excess moisture, leading to unpleasant smells. Other possible issues may include fogged up windows, low airflow, and even allergic reactions. A dirty air filter can let allergens into the cabin, which could make it gross for everyone. Follow the manufacturer-suggested air filter replacement schedule for the best air quality.

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