How Long Can I Drive On A Spare?

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how long can i drive on a spare?
Discover how long you can drive on a spare at Beck & Masten Buick GMC North.

How many miles you can drive on a spare tire is primarily determined by if the spare is a full-size replacement tire or a ‘donut’. A ‘donut’ or compact spare tire is intentionally engineered for temporary use and limited distances. These compact spare tires were designed to take up less space while also being lightweight, providing you extra storage space. Compact spares are temporary solutions designed exclusively for emergency situations, with a maximum recommended distance of no more than 50 miles, and should be replaced immediately. If your car comes with a full-size spare, it’s possible to drive it normally. Even still, as with the compact spare, you should replace the problem tire immediately to avoid another breakdown. Regardless of whether you have a compact spare or a full-size one, fixing the problem tire must be your top priority.

What Speed Can I Drive on a Spare Tire?

Can I Drive Normally on a Spare?

The speed you can drive on a spare tire will also depend on the replacement tire. Full-size spares typically are identical to your existing tires and can be used in the same way. Donut spare tires are meant to be utilized in emergency situations only and have low-speed limitations. Most donuts have a recommended top speed of no more than 50 miles per hour. Ensure to check the vehicle’s manual for your suggested speeds and mileage limit when using a donut spare tire.

No Spare, But Got a Flat?

No Spare, But Stuck With a Flat Tire?

It can be scary when you get a flat and don’t have a spare, so what can you do? Your top priority is to slow down and find somewhere safe to pull over. Driving on a flat tire will impact the steering control of the car, and by reducing your speed, you will make it easier to control. After you have located a safe place, get out of your vehicle and inspect your tire for any signs of damage. If you have run-flat tires or a tire patch kit, you can potentially carefully drive your vehicle to reach a spot where you can replace your tires. Otherwise, contact roadside assistance; they can come to where you are, load up your car, bring it here, and we’ll help replace the flat.

Cost to Replace Your Spare Tire

Spare Tire Replacement Price?

The cost to purchase a replacement spare tire can depend on your vehicle and whether it has a compact spare tire or a standard one. Donut spares are generally cheaper than full-size tires, but costs can vary based on the brand, size, and tire grade. Here at our facility, we have a wide selection of tire brands and various sizes to fit your car and get you back on the road ASAP. Our tire professionals will help you explore your options to guarantee you find the tire you need at the best price available.

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