What Is The Difference Between Shocks and Struts On A Car or Truck?

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what is the difference between shocks and struts on a car or truck?

Know what the difference is between shocks and struts on a car or truck from Beck & Masten Buick GMC.

Shock Absorbers and struts play a critical function on your car, but they are designed in wholly unique ways. Both shock absorbers and struts are key to a vehicle’s suspension and how it manages the road underneath it. The right suspension system helps with the ride quality and handling of your vehicle, so great shocks and struts can help create the best ride possible. Shocks have a smaller role in the suspension system focusing only on suspension movement. While the struts also mitigate bumps from the road, they also play more of a structural role by supporting the vehicle chassis, especially if you are offroading. Both are there to make sure every drive you take is as good as the previous one, so making sure they’re in good shape will help you a lot.

How Do Drivers Know If The Struts Are Bad?

How To Tell If Shock Absorbers Are Bad?

The quickest way to tell that your suspension is failing is if your vehicle doesn’t drive 100%. These tiny differences in your vehicle performance can be noticeable if you’re paying attention. Small changes like your vehicle leaning too far while turning, your shocks bouncing more than usual over small bumps, or just problems with the handling are some simple insights into the struts and shock absorbers needing replacement. So the next time you get behind the wheel, take a moment to see if you notice any differences in the car’s performance, and when you feel like something is off, our trained technicians are here to assist you.

What Are Shocks On Your Car?

What Are Shocks On A Car?

Shocks control the movement of a car’s suspension for maximum performance, or more simply put, they absorb the potholes in the road for a smoother ride. This makes them incredibly important for a vehicle because, without them, the vehicle will not be able to absorb as many bumps. If you are the risk-taking type and love to go offroading, some beefy shocks can go a long way toward making sure you are having a good time. On a sports car, drivers may want a stiff suspension for better handling, while a luxury car may need a soft suspension for a pillowy soft ride.

What Do Struts Do?

What Are Struts On A Car?

Struts have two specific jobs on your car, they help soften bumps in the road, but unlike shocks, they also provide structural integrity for the suspension. While both components are instrumental to each drive you take in the car, struts have a more overarching purpose on the car. Upgraded struts are designed to give your car impressive performance at higher speeds, while struts on an SUV may be asked to balance aggressive offroad characteristics while also giving you more control.

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