How Much Does It Cost To Replace Headlights?

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how much does it cost to replace headlights?

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The headlights on your car are an essential safety component of your car since they produce illumination to see the road ahead, specifically in low-light conditions like nighttime or during storms. Working headlights also allow other motorists to see your car, which can help avoid accidents. If overexposed to the elements, your headlights can become cloudy, dim, or burn out, potentially adding to the risk of accidents and lowering visibility. Fixing and updating failing or old headlights is crucial to ensure that your car remains safe to drive in the dark. In addition to improving safety, replacing the headlights can also improve the look of your vehicle. Yellowish-tinted or dull headlights can make your car look outdated, while updated headlights can freshen up the appearance. When replacing your headlights, selecting high-quality OEM bulbs designed to perfectly fit is important. It’s also a good idea that you replace both headlights at the same time, even if only one of the headlights has failed, to ensure proper illumination and avoid wear and tear. Headlights play a critical job in ensuring pedestrian and driver safety on the road, and replacing them when they begin to fail or even die is an important role of vehicle maintenance..

OEM Headlights vs. Aftermarket

OEM Headlights

The option between aftermarket or OEM headlights may seem like it depends purely on your budget and needs. Original manufacturer lights were designed to fit perfectly and work correctly with your specific make and model, but the consequence is that they cost a bit more. Aftermarket headlights are often less pricey and boast more customization choices. Aftermarket headlights may be appealing because of price and customization, but original-manufacturer headlights are the best option for safety, performance, fit, and finish.

Xenon vs Halogen Headlights, What's Best?

HID vs Xenon

The warm, yellowish-colored headlights that are mainly seen on old vehicles are known as halogen headlights. They are the lowest priced and are simple to replace, but they generally can be hot to the touch and use more power when compared to LEDs. LED (Light-emitting diode) headlights are a relatively new technology, and they boast several benefits over halogen headlights. Most notably for drivers, they provide a more natural, white light, are brighter than halogen bulbs, use less power, and are more durable. The one drawback to LED headlights is that they cost more to purchase and might require professional installation.

Cost To Replace Headlights

Cost Of Replacing Headlights

The price to replace your headlights will depend on your car, and the style of lights that are installed. As stated above, halogen headlights won’t be as expensive as LEDs but likely won’t last as long, aren’t as efficient, and are not as bright. Talk to your service specialist about any available upgrade options, because we may have OEM HID headlights to upgrade the light output and look of your car, and at an affordable price.

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