2022 Basketball Bracket Printable Download

(Sunday, Mar 13, 2022 – Mon, Apr 4, 2022) Sports fans, especially basketball fanatics, have been waiting for the madness, and March has finally arrived! Whether your team was one of the first 8 fighting to get in or one of the original 64, the insanity of 65 basketball games in 3 weeks is here!

Perhaps the most comfortable way to follow the courtside drama is with the Buick NCAA® March Madness® In-Vehicle App. From highlights to live coverage of the emotional finals, you’ll have all access to the tournament’s most exciting moments.

You can keep up with those exciting moments by filling out your bracket. See if you can pick a perfect bracket and correctly pick the basketball national champion. Picking your brackets is a fun thing to celebrate and enjoy with friends and family alike. Whether you have been doing this for years or you are just getting started – We have a downloadable PDF bracket for you!

Good luck, Bracketeers!